Adult SEO isn't the same as 'mainstream' SEO

There are many ways that regardless of what site you are trying to rank, the SEO tactics will broadly be the same. Original and engaging content, a well designed and coded site and good quality links are just three things that will bring a small amount of success when trying to rank any site. But with the adult industry being one of the most competitive areas online, a small amount of success isn't really good enough, which is why it is important to understand that adult SEO is somewhat different to 'mainstream' SEO.

There are lots of ways where tactics are different, but perhaps the most important is link-building. If you are trying to rank a normal site, say an e-commerce store selling handbags, then building good quality links would be an integral and relatively easy task. Guest posting, article marketing, videos and infographics being just some of the ways good quality links could be built. But if you look again at that list, then you will see that in terms of adult SEO, there are severe limitations as to where links can be obtained, especially when talking in terms of 'mainstream' media. The vast majority of mainstream blogs or websites would not publish anything remotely to do with the adult industry, whether it be a blog, article, video or infographic, so adult SEO has to be a little bit more creative.

Adult link-building

There are a number of ways to build links in the adult industry and these include:

·Trading and buying links with other adult sites
·Listings on adult directories
·Adult link farms
·Adult friendly social media sites

These are a just a small amount of the options available. However they all have one thing in common. Chances are, unless you are very careful and have an extensive knowledge of how adult SEO works, then these tactics will probably do more harm to your site than good. The problem with the adult industry is that it is diseased with poor quality links. Good quality links can be found, but unless you know what you are looking for, they are hard to find. Generally, the better sort of links will be the hardest to get, so if you are finding link-building easy, chances are the links are worthless. Trading and buying links can be a great way to build good links, but unless you know exactly what you are looking for in terms of what linking to certain sites can offer you, it can be a quick way to relieve yourself of a lot of money, and if not done effectively, may harm your rankings rather than improve them.

The way forward

It's worth reading as much as you can on adult SEO, or speaking to an expert because whilst it does share a lot with 'mainstream' SEO, there are fundamental differences, and it is within these differences that success or failure can result.